Practise Directed Forensic Education

The value proposition of Forensics4Africa, a subsidiary of Strategic Investigations and Seminars (Pty) Ltd, is to provide practise directed forensic education. By doing that Forensics4Africa will stimulate your investigative knowledge!

Forensics4Africa under the Strategic Investigations and Seminars (Pty) Ltd Group of Companies is registered and accredited as a service provider with the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) – ID081985269877 and with FASSET, the Sector Education and Training Authority for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services - ID 585/01354/12 

Forensics4Africa offers the following SAQA registered qualifications:

Forensic Investigation:
  • National Certificate: Resolving of Crime (SAQA ID 59989 on NQF 5)
Forensic Science:
  • National Certificate: Forensic Science (SAQA ID 57651 on NQF 5)
  • National Certificate: Forensic Biology (SAQA ID 57977 on NQF 6)
Fraud Examination:
  • Advanced Certificate: Fraud Examination (SAQA ID 67269 on NQF 7)

The Company takes note that the Postal Service Strike is over. However, the practical reality is that the delivery of assignments, workbooks for assessment and other items/documents are delayed. Learners are urged to make use of courier services or to deliver submissions to our offices in Pretoria. Refer to the back of the workbooks for more information.

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