Short Courses

Short Courses

Whether you are looking at sharpening your skills in certain Forensic areas, or aiming to ultimately obtain a National Certificate, Forensics4Africa offers various Credit Bearing Short Courses via distance learning to assist in achieving your goal. 

Our Credit Bearing Skills Courses are focused on improving students’ skills in Forensics and enables them to make informed decisions on what they wish to study next. The Credit Bearing Short Courses are also set out in such a manner that students can work their way towards a National Certificate over time.  

The Credit Bearing Programmes are based on the same learning material used in our National Certificates, making it easy and simple to work towards a higher qualification, where allowed. 

Students who wish to complete a National Certificate, but cannot commit to the full set of modules at once, can enroll for our Credit Bearing Programmes and complete module programmes on their own time and schedule. 

For each completed programme you will receive a Forensics4Africa Certificate and a Statement of Results from SASSETA after the results were verified by them.

Forensic Investigation related Short Course Programmes
  • Programme 1: Incident Scenes - 8 Credits
  • Programme 2: Empowerment - 25 Credits
  • Programme 3: Identification - 26 Credits
  • Programme 4: Criminal Procedure - 53 Credits
  • Programme 5 a: General Investigations (Policing) - 10 Credits
  • Programme 5 b: General Investigations (Family Violence) - 25 Credits
  • Programme 5 c: Corporate Investigations (Investigative Auditing) - 32 Credits
  • Programme 5 d: Corporate Investigations (Anti-Corruption) - 33 Credits
Assessment is in the form of a Learner Summative Assessment based on which competency is determined.

Note: The National Certificate Resolving of Crime qualification (59989) came to an end and no upgrades or new enrollments are allowed. Current students have until 2020-06-30 to complete their studies.

National Certificate Forensic Science related Short Course Programmes
  • Programme 1: Handling Stress - 14 Credits
    Includes Compulsory “Bridging to Forensic Science” Course)
  • Programme 2: Problem Solving and Statistical Methods - 9 Credits
  • Programme 3: Laboratory Quality - 21 Credits
  • Programme 4: Criminal Justice - 23 Credits
  • Programme 5: Preserve Evidence - 8 Credits
  • Programme 6: Report Writing, Communications and Ethics - 17 Credits
  • Programme 7: Fields in Forensic Science - 8 Credits
  • Programme 8 a: Forensic Biology - 30 Credits
  • Programme 8 b: Reconstruct an Incident Scene - 25 Credits
  • Programme 8 c: Forensic Questioned Documents - 30 Credits
Assessment is in the form of a Learner Summative Assessment based on which competency is determined.

You can upgrade to the full National Certificate Forensic Science qualification at any time either by enrolling for the related outstanding programmes or when you completed all the above programmes to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.
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