Studying at Forensics4Africa

Forensic4Africa students benefit from years of professional experience and a strong ethical foundation. Our qualifications, credit bearing short courses and non-credit bearing skills courses are available through distance learning and, where applicable, supported by orientation sessions and E-Learning. Our qualifications should open doors in the investigative forensic fields for any individual. 

What makes Forensics4Africa a great institution to study at?
  • We accept applications at any time of the year. There are no registration cut off dates and no specific times wherein students need apply.
  • There are limited restrictions to the time you have to complete your qualification in. You work on your own pace and finish in your own time.
  • We have dedicated support services, that includes tutors, at our sister company Outsourced Learner Management, who support you throughout your studies.
With the help of the amazing tutors and academic team, you can pave your way to a career in Forensics and Investigation. Find the right course for you and stimulate your investigative knowledge!

National Certificate Resolving of Crime: SAQA # 59989 on NQF 5

The National Certificate Resolving of Crime focuses on individuals that aspire to become or are employed as a Detective in the South African Police Service or a Corporate Forensic Investigator in the private sector.

National Certificate Forensic Science: SAQA # 57651 on NQF 5

The National Certificate Forensic Science focuses on individuals that aspire to become or are employed at the South African Police Service's Criminal Record Centres or Forensic Science Services Division or persons who aspire to work in private sector related to this field of study.

National Certificate Forensic Biology: SAQA # 57977 on NQF 6

Studying the National Certificate Forensics Biology will equip you to explain findings contested which are based on the underlying principles used in forensic molecular biology. Qualifying learners need a underpinning knowledge in Forensic science that will support the learner to understand the principles required for performing forensic examinations, analyses and performing DNA analyses. Admission rules apply.

Advance Certificate Fraud Examination: SAQA # 67269 on NQF 7

The Advanced Certificate Fraud Examination is quality assured by FASSET. This self-study qualification is supported by an orientation session presented by Nick Olivier (CFE). To become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), recognised as a profession in South-Africa, you need to pass the exams related to this qualification. Admission rules apply.
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