National Certificate: Forensic Science NQF 5

National Certificate Forensic Science

The National Certificate Forensic Science focuses on individuals that aspire to become or are employed at the South African Police Service's Criminal Record Centres or Forensic Science Services Division or persons who aspire to work in private sector related to this field of study.

The National Certificate Forensic Science has 3 electives which students can choose from.
  1. Forensic Biology
    Forensic Biology refers to all aspects related to knowledge and understanding of biological examinations in a forensic science environment. This would include collection techniques and the handling of evidence, as well as an understanding of how to apply and present findings to clients.
  2. Reconstruct an Incident Scene
    The Reconstruct an Incident Scene elective provide learners with insights on how to reconstruct incident and crime scenes but also take the learner on an informative journey about the history and application of fingerprints in the fight against crime.

  3. Forensic Questioned Documents
    Analytical skills are of the utmost importance when working in a forensic environment and when verifying the legitimacy of facts or documents. The Forensic Questioned Documents elective focuses on these skills and provide insight in this interesting and challenging forensic field.
Please note: You may enrol for an additional elective at an additional fee per elective on our Credit Bearing Short Course page. 

Admission Requirements:

  • Grade 12     OR
  • Equivalent NQF 4 (with Mathematics, Communication and Physical Science)   OR
  • Grade 10 or 11 and 8 years of experience
For your convenience we included the Bridging to Forensics Science module with the first Qualification Module.

It is important to note that learners without a clear understanding of Mathematics and Science might find it difficult to successfully complete this qualification. 

Learners with colour blindness, may not be able to successfully complete this qualification. This is due to the fact that some of the forensic science techniques that learners will have to master, require that the learner be able to make distinction between different colours. 

Furthermore, students who aspire to also complete NQF level 6: Forensic Biology, need to choose the Forensic Biology elective during their NQF level 5: Forensic Science studies. 
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  • Bridging to Forensic Science and Handling Stress
  • Problem Solving and Statistical Methods
  • Laboratory Quality
  • Criminal Justice
  • Preserve Evidence
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Fields in Forensic Science
  • Forensic Biology
  • Reconstruct an Incident Scene
  • Forensic Questioned Documents
  • Criminologist
  • Lab technician 
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Behavioural Scientist
  • Document Examiner

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