National Certificate: Forensic Biology NQF 6

National Certificate Forensic Biology

Studying the National Certificate Forensics Biology will equip you to explain findings contested which are based on the underlying principles used in forensic molecular biology. 

Qualifying learners need an underlying knowledge in Forensic Science that will support the learner to understand the principles required for performing forensic examinations, analyses and performing DNA analyses.

Qualifying learners will be equipped to explain findings contested which are based on the underlying principles used in forensic molecular biology.

Qualifying learners to apply their skills in a forensic science laboratory in either the public or private sectors. The qualified learner will be able to work as a forensic examiner and operate within a laboratory to analyse forensic evidence in order to determine its evidential value for a specific case. Qualified learners will be able to present specialized forensic evidence in support of the expert evidence in a court of law.

Note that the National Certificate Forensic Biology qualification requires students to attend a 2 to 3 day practical session at the laboratory of Life Technologies in Johannesburg. Contact your tutor for more information on the next scheduled Practical session, priced seperately.

Admission Requirements:

  • Completed National Certificate: Forensic Science (NQF 5) with Forensic Biology Elective, or
  • Completed B.Sc. in Molecular Biology
If you do not meet the above mentioned requirements and wish to complete the required courses to comply, CLICK HERE
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  • Conduct Research
  • Optimize Laboratory Activities
  • Audit and Review Forensic Findings
  • Isolate DNA
  • Quantify DNA Isolates
  • Amplify DNA with the Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Separate DNA Fragments
  • Forensic DNA Typing
  • Evaluate Quality of DNA Data
  • Interpret DNA Results
  • Reconstruct an Incident Scene
  • Provide Expert Evidence in Court
  • Practical Laboratory Session
  • Forensic Examiner
  • Forensic DNA expert
          Possible Employers:
  • SAPS
  • Private Forensic Laboratories
  • Independent Contractors

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